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Jerry Silva

CEO and Co- Founder of LEAP

Jerry Silva brings over a decade of coaching teachers and school based leaders through different roles. He is one of the founders of Leap and prior to founding Leap was a co-Senior Director of AF’s Navigator Middle School Math team. As co-Senior Director of the MS Math team, Jerry led the Navigator team to support partners in driving exceptional student outcomes for middle school math. Jerry led efforts that resulted in 53% of partners making an incredible 10+% gains while 93% of partners made at least 5+% gain YOY in their respective state tests.


Before that work, Jerry worked at AF’s Brownsville Middle School where he taught and led the students of Brownsville to make 45% gains school-wide in just 3 years! Jerry always praises his teachers for the work, “they created the flywheel, I just had to spin it.”

Prior to joining AF, Jerry was a TFA corps member teaching 3 years at his high school Alma Mater. “When I think about that experience I can say now, that was the catalyst for the love of Education that I have now.” Jerry was able to coach wrestling and teach math in the same classrooms he sat in as a student - what an experience!


During his free time now, Jerry coaches middle school wrestling with his brother and best friends. Kids bring him joy and supporting them academically and through youth sports is a life-calling!

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