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About Us

Providing expert and individualized coaching for leaders who want to revolutionize their schools


We envision a world in which all students experience an education that empowers them to lead lives of choice and opportunity.

Our Vision


Our Mission

We work in deep partnership with educators committed to dismantling systemic racism to accelerate their impact. 

We do this by providing comprehensive supports that build their capacity to drive equitable and sustainable academic outcomes for all students.


How We Work

We believe in coaching as the key lever for transformational change. We believe in both deep technical support and personal leadership development in order to build capacity.


Resource rich learning


Focused work time


Flexible and personalized coaching


Joint observations and peer support

Our History

Leap was born from Achievement First's Charter Network Accelerator (CNA), a former division of Achievement First - a top-performing charter network of 41 schools.


How We Work: About Us

We Believe


All students can excel​


Instructional leaders can be coached to perform at the highest levels​


Adults need supportive places to learn, practice, and grow ​


Grade-level work is equity work​


We must intentionally dismantle racist beliefs and systems 


Instructional leaders face unique challenges and thrive with one-on-one support

Our Team

Our Team

Rogers Williams Headshot.jpg

Rogers Williams

CEO and Co- Founder of LEAP


Jennifer Caruso

CEO and Co- Founder of LEAP


Jerry Silva Headshot.JPG

Jerry Silva

CEO and Co- Founder of LEAP

Jasmine Hardesty Headshot.png

Jasmine Hardesty

Instructional Leadership Coach

Zakia Cox Headshot.jpg

Zakia Cox

Instructional Leadership Coach

Amanda Hageman Headshot 2021 Update.jpg

Amanda Hageman

Instructional Leadership Coach

Joe Ellis Headshot.jpg

Joe Ellis

Middle School Math Coach

Carol Weiss Headshot.jpg

Carol Weiss

Instructional Leadership Coach

Megan Li Headshot 1.jpg

Megan Li

Instructional Leadership Coach

Morgan Carter Headshot.jpg

Morgan Carter

Instructional Leadership Coach


Elizabeth Iorio

Instructional Leadership Coach


Johnny Silva

Chief Financial Officer

Our Commitment to Centering Equity


We believe that our equity work starts with us; we look at ourselves first. We reflect and talk about the role race plays in our work, experiences, and decisions. We strive to be consistently anti-racist in our words and actions.


We value the cultural norms, mission, vision and values of the individuals and organizations with whom we partner and believe there is more than one “right” way to educate kids or build a network. We learn from each other and go further together.​​


We are focused on academic achievement AND know that school outcomes encompass more than academic outcomes.


We know that there are aspects of our approach and materials that perpetuate white supremacy culture. Therefore, we consistently reflect on our work, interrogate our systems and structures, solicit feedback from diverse stakeholders, and work to change parts of our program when they are not meeting our leaders’ needs and our bar for racial equity.

Ou Equity Beliefs

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